Spend Less Money on Golf Equipment - Spend More Time on Your Game with NLP 

Kalliope Barlis 

The golf industry is designed to confuse the average golfer so that they continue buying more golf equipment. Golfers are being convinced by advertising that if they buy a bigger head (on a golf club) they will have a better score. Although it is true that golf equipment has taken leaps in their design to make golf easier, scores of individuals playing the game have not improved so much. 

For this reason, I encourage people to buy golf clubs fitted to their swing, individualizing their golf equipment to their specific body motion. This eliminates the dozens of golf bags full of golf clubs in their garages and hones in on a magical set of tools designed specifically for them. Now that that’s taken care of, they have much more time to spend on their game. 

This is where NLP is so useful. Because we can teach individuals how to make the most use of their brain to get the outcome they want on the course. This all begins by making a plan for who they want to be as a golfer. Do they want to be a golfer enjoying agame on the weekends with their family? Do they want to improve to impress their business associates? Do they want to play competitively? And if they already are playing competitively, do they need an attitude change or do they want a lower score? Or both? This is for them to answer and for us to guide them in to getting what they want. 

The brain of an individual today is moving at a faster rate now than it ever has. This makes planning an easier task. By starting with a plan three years from now, look into the future at three years having attained what you want. Look at the years in between and the months between the years realizing what to do between now through three years from now to have what you want at the end of the three years. By seeing, feeling and listening to how you sense it after you’ve attained it, your brain has a target that coordinates with your unconscious mind to make it happen. 

Of course, before doing any of this planning, it’s important to look a head and make sure to that by getting what you want is within your ability to do so and that it makes the other areas of your life grow in the right direction. And if all of this is true, start planning and doing what’s useful. 

If golfers stop spending so much money on golf equipment and start spending more time planning for their game while they can continue doing what they need to do on a frequent basis in the form of practice in play, they can surely have more of what they want in lowering their scores and enjoying it more while doing it.