NLP.NYC Seminar Registration

September 9, 16, 23, 30, October 14, 21, 28, 2017


What the Licensed Master Practioner will teach you:

  • Representational Systems & Sub-modalities - Open the flood gates to how people think, understanding others better. 
  • Anchoring - Spatially and lots of other places to turn on people’s buttons. 
  • Reframing - Present beliefs, relationships and ideas in a clever way to make a change.
  • NLP Change Work - Learn how to make changes in your self and others, easily resolve internal conflict and build resourceful states.
  • Meta Model -  The magic touch of NLP
  • Milton Model -   Grasp the ability to use language effectively with productive influence.
  • Control - Be theleader of your own mind. 
  • Use Natural Altered States to achieve a better life & feel good about the simple stuff. 
  • Timelines - Learn to access resources for a brighter more satisfying future that You want. 

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