Lowering Blood Pressure - Reframe

Kalliope Barlis

A client came to see me panicked that her blood pressure was high while the nurse at her doctor’s office measured it. But, after the nurse took it, the doctor took it again. He had the client lay on the table and asked her to take in a few deep breaths her blood pressure was then normal. Good doctor. I wondered myself why she would bother coming to me about this since she was able to normalize her blood pressure without medication but by sheer volition of the doctor guiding her into a state of relaxation. It was all about what pictures were closer and bigger in her mental space. 

I said to her, what’s happening? She said in a hurried tearful voice “the nurse wanted to take my blood pressure and I said to her I didn’t want her to and she said I have to take your blood pressure and I didn't want her to and she took it and my pressure was 140 over 90 and then the doctor took it and it was 110 over 70and he told me all my tests came out perfect.” 

As she cried, I said “And so out of all the great things that you were informed of - that all of your tests results were normal and that you your self were able to bring down your blood pressure without pills and that you are totally healthy, the only thing you can think of now is the nurse who did something against your will and influenced your body to go into an emotional state that increased your blood pressure. Well that’s a good way to make your self feel like crap.” 

Along the way during this conversation, I had spatially marked all the good news that she heard as the perimeter of a circle and in the center - the high blood pressure rising up like a cone. 

I had spatially marked the nurse’s elicitation of high blood pressure as a cone rising in the center of a circle where its perimeter contained all the good news she heard. Then, I changed the shape and proximity of them both to their polar opposite where I squashed the cone down and broadened the perimeter to fill up the whole circle, from the outside in, while saying “what if you take this only not so pleasant thing you heard, squash it down and make it so that you only hear all the good news”. She just looked at me and said “I feel better”. Her skin tone and facial expression mirrored her response as it all relaxed, instantly. 

Since it was revealed that this was not the first time the nurse insisted and elicited high blood pressure, I said “In the future, when you know that the doctor makes you comfortable while taking your blood pressure, have him do it. If the nurse insists, explain to her “it is my body after all. I can choose who takes my blood pressure”. She realizes her choice that gives her the opportunity to be in control of her own health. 

I said “now sit and sleep for a few moments so that you can begin to learn something you already know which is that your heart and your blood in your veins and arteries have the ability to soften in ways that are natural to you because you have just proved to your self that it wasn’t medication that made your blood pressure normaland if you needed pills to make it normal then that’s what you’d have to dobutyou don’tyou have the ability to normalize your own body with your own volition. Now, let’s go through this one last time so that when you do get your blood pressure taken you enjoy the fact that your body will only reveal your health, truly. 

Now, lets go through this, think of a time you laughed so loud and you feel ecstatic”. She laughed as I started squeezing my hand together making the sound of pumping air while my other hand imitated the cuff inflating around her arm. I said “ Now, what happens when someone takes your blood pressure” and she laughed and laughed and laughed. We did this a few times until it was anchored ludicrously in her unconscious mind. 

Then, we tested her new learned response. I put on a white coat, took a sphygmomanometer and took her blood pressure. She laughed as she didn’t expect this. Now, I’m waiting for her to visit a nurse who she doesn't want taking her blood pressure to hear her response. 

For now, we know that her response was initiated by blowing out of proportion information that was easily put back into proportion when we blew out of proportion what really mattered, her innate ability to maintain health in her own mental space. We had the bad news shrink into nothing while the good news became all that she saw and heard so she’d feel better. And just to make sure it didn't happen again, we saturated any future experience with laughter, in trance, because laughter dismisses the very element that once upset us.