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This is a professional development program where you learn the foundations of NLP. Learn how to change your life profoundly,  the same way Kalliope works with others to do so. It is a magical experience of edutainment education and entertainment combined. There are no limits to the applications of NLP and some people aren't convinced of the profound skills until they do it. Every participant agrees they receive a high level of training that changes their life forever because they gain the skills to remain in control of themselves and who they communicated with others. The license acquired upon complete attendance is internationalyou can practice anywhere in the world. 

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Become a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP

This is a professional development program that leads you to master your skills of NLP from practitioner to master practitioner level. You have a strategy for all that you do. Learn how these strategies can be decoded and redeveloped into better ones to live a richer life that guide others to do the same. The license acquired upon complete attendance is internationalyou can practice anywhere in the world. 


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This is a professional development program that takes your ability to create change to a higher levelwhile for planning success. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to speak to any company, individual or organization anywhere around the world. Coaching is growing into one of the most sought after professions. Learn from our high level of training that allows you to practice internationally. 

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Are you tired of being in the same rut? Or are you looking for someone to help you move into the next level in your life? Our coaching will break the chains for you to gain your freedom and build your best life ever.  All of our clients say things like "I wouldn't have reached this far without your help", "you're an angel" and "I don't know exactly what happened, but I am so much better than I was before". We work differently from others who see you over and over again. We work efficientlyso you can get on with your life. You're coached into freedomso that in a short time —you have more of what you want. 

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Since Kalliope Barlis has apprenticed with the co-creator of NLP for nearly a decade, she has become a key educator in ethically profound uses of NLP. If you really want to take your NLP skills to the next higher level, apprenticing with NLP expert, Kalliope Barlis, will make it happen for you. 

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March 20, 2017 Phobia Relief with NAPW

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Kalliope opened the evening with a mesmerizing talk about the truth of overcoming fears involved with career change.  Thanks a million to the Louise Newman, The national President of The National Association of Professional Women for selecting Kalliope to add value to the evening.